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Wedding Day Photography Timeline Guide

Wedding Day Photography Timeline Guide

A photo guide to help future brides plan their timeline on their wedding day

Bridal Details (30 minutes minimum)

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When I arrive I will be photographing your wedding dress, shoes, bouquet, etc. Make sure that all of your details are organized and ready to be photographed. This also means that your wedding dress is out of the bag and hanging up. We want to make sure that both the bride and the groom's rings (including the marriage band) are with the bride in her suite. Additional things to make sure to bring: a wedding dress hanger, if you don't have a custom hanger, a wooden hanger is fine, just no plastic hangers. Don't forget any letters you may have written to each other. We want to make sure we capture your reactions.

Remember to keep the getting ready room clutter free as possible. It can make it difficult to maneuver to get better angles. Plus, clutter doesn't look all that flattering in photos. We also love when the makeup artist positions her makeup station towards the brightest window in the room.  

Bridal getting ready  (45 Minutes Minimum)


During this a part of the day, we are going to capture you putting on your wedding dress and your details. Mother of the bride, maid of honor and bridesmaids should all be dressed and ready to go. They all will take part in helping you get ready. Things to consider. Some brides like to have a first look with the father of the bride. A few brides will also want bridal boudoir photos before getting completely ready. These images are photographed in an elegant a tastefully way. We will need to know ahead of time so we can plan it accordingly.

Please keep in mind, my second photographer and myself do not split up during the bride and groom getting ready photos. I rely on my second shooter to assist me with lighting and also getting creative angles. As your lead photographer, I want to make sure that nothing is missed and I tell your story from start to finish. 

Bridal Portraits (30 Minutes Minimum)


We will take this time of the day to photograph the bride alone in the most flattering light available. These images are always very important part of your story and we don't want to cut time from this part of the day. 

Groom Portraits (30 Minutes Minimum)*unless you have a cool car* 



Grooms, we don't want to leave you out, it is your day too! believe it or not, I modeled internationally in my twenties. I know a thing or two when it comes to posing tips for guys. Groom photos are one of my strong points and I want you to look like you were featured in a Hugo Boss ad in QG magazine. 

First Look (25 Minutes Minimum)



A first look is preferred and There are many benefits to having one. I chose to do a first look myself and I was happy I did because I got all sappy. To me, it was more intimate and personal and I felt that I didn't have to hide my emotions because everyone was watching us. However, I do respect your decision if you choose not to. Please check out our page on "first look vs Traditional" article to get a better understanding if you're on the fence on deciding. 

Wedding Party: (30 Minutes Minimum)


You and your fiancé chose these individuals to be apart of your wedding party for a reason. So let's have some fun and make sure we capture each of their unique personalities. This part of the day can be captured right after the first look or right after family photos are finished after the wedding ceremony. I always like to capture a formal wedding photo, a "high fashion" vogue and then a fun photo. We typically photograph the bride with bridesmaids, bride with groomsmen, groom with bridesmaids, groom with groomsmen, full wedding party together, and individuals of the bride with bridesmaids and groom with groomsmen. 

Family Formals: (25-35 Minutes Minimum) 

*depends on how large list is*



Ninety percent of the time family formals will be photographed right after the wedding ceremony. If you have chosen to do the first look we can schedule them right after, as long as everyone is present. I like to get these images photographed in a timely manner, 2-3 minutes per grouping. These photos are really important to your family so get together with them and make a list of every combination so we can expedite this process. It's wise to let everyone on your list know that they need to stay after the ceremony so we don't have to go on a man hunt to find uncle Bob. It's also very helpful to assign a relative to help read off the names to each grouping because I don't know everyone by name. My goal is to finish too early, so we can get your guest back to the cocktail hour and we can get a few more photos together. 

Reception Room Details: (20 Minutes Minimum)


Whenever your reception room is completely ready to be photographed, we will then capture all your wedding details and center pieces and the entire room. You have taken lots of time and thought into the ambiance of your wedding decor and we want to make sure we photograph all of your hard work. This images will pay a be part in one of your album spreads. 

Romantics with Couple at Sunset (1 Hour Minimum)

Us photographers call this time the "Golden Hour" this time of the day will give you the best result since this is the point of the day which the light will be the most complimenting for both of you, and also the scenery. If there is any time in the timeline that needs to be adjusted this is diffidently not an option. These images will help recount your story and keeping in mind the main goal is to get the most amazing pictures conceivable, we need this time to achieve this goal and to make everything wonderful for you. Noah's ark wasn't built in a day ;) 

Night Shot (20 minutes Minimum)

This will be one of the final images that we will capture for you, this will allow us to close your album by creating an amazing night portrait of you two. In a perfect world, I'd like to take this image at dusk when the sky is at its bluest but I can always make magic if this time is not available.