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What To Wear For Engagement Photos

What To Wear For Engagement Photos

Usually solid colors look better than patterns.  This is because what is considered a fashionable pattern today, may not be so in 5, 10, 15, or 25 years.  Solid colors never go out of style.  If photographing a group  of people, we recommend you coordinate colors.  Matching is not necessary, but coordinating jewelry and colors between each other seriously impacts the look of a photo.   Wearing white cotton is not recommended, however we can work with it if you would like to wear white.  Any sheer mesh type of clothing should also be avoided, as when used with flash it can become see-through.  Pants or longer dresses/skirts are recommended over shorts because they tend to elongate our subject.

REMEMBER:  Clothing needs to be chosen to represent the theme of your shoot.  If you want a vintage look, then I suggest looking at stores like Iguana Clothing on Ventura Bl. It is one of the best Vintage shops in Los Angeles when it comes to photography.  Clothing really does make the shoot, along with hair, make up, etc.  We promise to do a good job in things that we can control, but in order to get the best out of your shoot, choose your clothing wisely!

Women's Engagement Outfit Ideas

Ladies!  After following the above rules, there are a couple of other things that we recommend.  When wearing a dress, we recommend one that flows with your body.  It shouldn't be too tight or too loose, but more importantly it shouldn't be tight around the stomach area, and then flow outward around the legs, this doesn't allow us to accentuate your curves.  For a casual family shoot, jeans are a great option.  For head shots, you want to wear something that covers your sleeves.

Men's Engagement Outfit Ideas

Alright guys, the rules are a little simpler for you.  Polo shirts are always a great idea for you.  As with women, shorts should be avoided if possible.  If it is a portrait session, consider wearing a dress shirt and slacks.  For more of a casual look, jeans are always a great option.  Make sure your clothing is tailored to your body and FITTED.  Baggy clothing doesn't look good in pictures.

Wear Something You Feel Good In

Whatever you choose to wear for your session, whether it’s old blue jeans or formal attire, be sure to wear something that feels right, something that feels like you. Your photos are all about you and your fiance, so there’s no need to dress up in a way that you normally wouldn’t. Choosing an outfit that feels like you helps sets the mood for the shoot ensuring your photos are a reflection of you, your fiance and the love you have for each other. 

Choose Comfortable Clothing

You don’t want to spend your shoot worrying that your top is too tight, or feeling nervous about the possibility of a “wardrobe malfunction”.  Pick an outfit that is easy to move in and will allow you to feel comfortable in a variety of different poses such as laying in the grass, jumping in the air or simply sitting with your 

Bring Layers

This is especially important for outdoor shoots as a summer day may get a bit breezy or some unexpected sunshine could warm a cool winter afternoon. Bringing layers will help you be ready for any unexpected weather changes so you can fully enjoy the experience of your shoot.  Layers tend to look great in photos and make it easy to change your entire look by simply adding or removing one piece. 

Complement Each Other

Don’t plan matching outfits for your photos, just choose looks that compliment each other to give your pictures a more natural look. If one of you is wearing light, soft colors - have the other put on something bold. Complementing outfits will reflect your unique styles while mirroring how you compliment each other as a couple.

Pack Multiple Options

Bring more than one look to your shoot so you can change things up and get a variety of looks in your photos. How many outfits to bring depends on the length of your session - but try to have at least two looks each. One idea is to have a casual outfit and one more formal look, or just bring pieces to add and remove from outfits (such as kicking off your shoes or putting on a long sweater)

Something Fun

Props can add a little something special to your photos. Wear a colorful bow or bow tie, colorful socks,a fun hat, or silly accessories like over-sized sunglasses or fake mustaches.