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Tips to know before your High School senior shoot

High School Senior Photos: What to Know Ahead of Time

It's your time to shine! Senior pictures are your opportunity to make a statement, stand out from the crowd, and showcase the unique person you have become. Make your memories last with beautiful custom photos by Killingsworth Photography. Planning for your photo session may seem like an overwhelming task, so we've put together this cheat sheet to make your experience a breeze:

Hair & Makeup: For girls, it is highly recommended that you choose the package with professional hair and makeup. Your everyday makeup looks great in person, but isn't best suited for photography. Our exclusive stylists are pros at making sure your hair and makeup are best suited for the camera. For guys, consider a fresh haircut prior to the shoot and make sure your hair is styled to best represent you. We highly recommend going to Polished Mens barber shop to get the latest cuts. 

Outfits: Your clothing can say a lot about you and your personal style. You may have some pieces that make you feel your best, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the outfits to bring to your photo shoot. 

Since your outfit changes will most likely be taking place in a portable changing area at one of your selected locations, wearing a cami or something similar under your outfit will make you more comfortable during these changes. 

Try to avoid sheer fabrics, as they do not play well with the camera flash. Remember that these photos should be timeless, so try to avoid pieces that may go out of style quickly. Solid colors provide more timeless looks and will photograph better than patterns. 

Bring more outfits than you need, and I can help you choose the best options for your shoot. Remember: shoes and jewelry complete any outfit, so make sure you've got matching accessories packed for each outfit you bring.

Posing: Just the thought of posing for a camera shoot may cause you stress, but don't worry! It is my goal to make you as comfortable as possible through this process. By the time we start taking pictures, you already look great! In a very relaxed and fun setting, I will guide you on exactly how to pose for each shot. When we are done, you will have some new tricks up your sleeve for looking like a model in your next Instagram selfies. 

Family: Senior year is a as big of a milestone for parents as it is for the seniors! I encourage Moms and Dads to hang out for the shoot. Having parents present can help add to the fun and keep you relaxed. They can even snap some cell phone pics of the shoot in progress to post on social media to help you remember and share the experience!

If you have any questions about the process, or would like to schedule your High School Senior Photos, please contact us today.