Killingsworth Photography


How would you describe your style of photography?

I would describe it as high fashion meets modern photojournalism. I love deep colors but love how black and white images that tell a story. This is a wedding and I want to capture the connection between my couples. I’m not a huge fan of posy images but I’ll still will capture a few for mom and grandma. I enjoy being a fly on the wall just as much as getting right on the dance floor where all the action is. Plus, I’m pretty darn good. 

Do you work with an assistant?

Most of my packages include a second photographer. If your package does not include a second photographer I highly recommend investing in one. As I try to capture most of the moments, I can’t be everywhere at the same time. Having a second photographer insures that no incredible moments are missed. 

Do you travel for wedding events? 

Yes…you bet we do. Sarah and I love to travel! We offer special rates for destination weddings, depending on the location. Contact us for more details. 

Are engagement sessions included in your packages?

Our top two packages include an engagement session. I do offer al carte engagement session that can be added to any package. An engagement session is a great way to get to know each other and build a relationship. I feel that this is a very important process before photographing your big day. I want everyone to feel comfortable so on your big day we can have fun and capture great images. 

How many photographs will I receive?

I typically deliver around 100 corrected images per hour of wedding coverage. The final number of corrected images may vary from wedding to wedding depending on size of wedding, elaborate venues, details, or an abundance of cultural traditions. Other weddings might have fewer guest, traditions, details that might result in fewer images.  Weddings where a second photographer is not present can expect to receive approximately 25% fewer images than clients who have invested in an additional photographer in their wedding day coverage. 

How long after our wedding will we receive our images?

We will schedule a time to meet typically around 4 weeks after your wedding to view your photos and choose prints, albums and other printing options. There are some photographers and photography studios that promise 2 weeks or less. However, I fill that is rushing your order and I don't want to deliver sloppy work.  

Do we have to pay our entire balance up-front to book and save a wedding date with you?

No, with exceptions to last minute bookings, we require thirty percent retainer up-front to secure your wedding day. Your balance is then due within 30 days prior to your wedding day. We can break up your payments in thirds if that works out better for you. 

Is your prints better quality then what we can get from Target, Wal-Mart or Costco?

Absolutely, I wouldn’t have Salvador Dali paint a masterpiece on a napkin. I would want the finest canvas possible that represented is art. We print on Fuji pearl paper or Kodak Endura Metallic paper. Our images go through a strict color calibration process using special hardware to ensure color accuracy, as well as optimal sharpness and color vibrancy. Images printed at a consumer lab or warehouse store are digitally re-rendered because their printers are made to print from unedited images. I do give you printing rights but I highly recommend investing in large prints from our labs. 

Do you mind if guest other than you take photographs during the weddings?

No, I do not mind at all. Since my main focus is to show what happens during the wedding, it would be nonproductive of me to STOP something form actually happening. However, since other cameras and flashes tend to distract the subjects, I do kindly request that all guests photographing group photos wait until after we are finished. I also suggest to the bride and groom that they ask for all cameras, iPhones, and Ipads to be put away until ceremony is over. Guest don’t realize that they are sometimes blocking my view with a device, let alone making my image look bad. The last thing you want to see in your photo is a dozen smart phones waving in the air. To correct this, the efficient would be happy to announce it to the guest in a polite manner before the ceremony. For example: It is the couple’s sincere wish that photos not be taken during the ceremony so you can fully enjoy their moment. They have hired photographers to capture their day so relax and be in the moment. Thank you 

What if we cancel our wedding?

If I am able to schedule another wedding on your specific date, I will refund your deposit. If not, there is no refund. 

Do you have insurance?

Yes we carry a 7-figure liability insurance policy, which can be provided for any venue that requires it. 

What type of cameras / backup equipment do you use?

I use state of the art Canon 5D Mark iii digital camera and professional lenses. All of my photographs are taken using the RAW file formant, which allows for the greatest possible image quality and post processing flexibility. I also have two back up cameras on site at all times when I’m shooting. I personally inspect, clean and repack all my equipment before each event. 

Do you do other types of photography?

Absolutely! I photograph all types of photography, everything fromMitzvah’s, family portraits, headshot, commercial and even martial art photos. I also love fashion photography just as mush as wedding photography. The only photography that I don’t do is newborns…not yet anyway. 

Finally…why is wedding photography so expensive?

It’s not. A lot of people tend to see wedding photography as just the 8-10 odd hours the photographer shoots on the day of. However, we spend over 40 hours on each wedding. The rule is, for every hour of shooting there is four hours of editing. Not to mention the engagement session, subsequent meetings, emails and phone calls. The hours start piling up rather quickly. Weeks after your wedding, while other vendors have long since moved on to other projects, we’ll be the only ones still working on your wedding.