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First Look vs Keeping It Traditional

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Traditional Vs. First Look?


Within the wedding photography industry, there is a very important moment called the, “first look”. This is simply the first time the groom sees the bride. It is always a moment of great significance and emotion. The question is, do you meet each other during a “first look” or wait until the bride walks down the aisle during the wedding ceremony? While most people have heard of the idea that says that it is bad luck for the bride to see the groom before the wedding, it really just is an old superstition based on outdated customs that really no longer apply to weddings of today. If you decide to go traditional because of religious believes I 100% respect your decision. Given that, I still very much understand the emotional relevance of the two of you seeing each other for the first time on your special day. This is why I will create an intimate and exciting “first look” that will be full of all the anticipation and joy you expect from this unforgettable moment. I highly recommend that you choose a first look that is before the ceremony. Let me give you some reasons why I think this choice is best.

 As a wedding photographer, I want to capture the most beautiful photos possible. One factor that helps me achieve this goal is having the bride and groom freshly ready, and looking their absolute best. This principle not only applies to hairstyles and makeup, but to the flowers and other decorations as well. When everything is looking beautiful, then the photos also look beautiful. Another reason I recommend a pre-wedding “first look”, is that if we take many of the necessary photos before the ceremony, it allows you to join your guests as quickly as possible. Instead of spending another hour or two taking pictures, you will be able to start celebrating your special day. After all, this is an event that you and the groom should spend time enjoying along with everyone else. That doesn’t mean I wont pull you away for a few golden hour shots ☺ Once all of the specific poses and family portraits are taken, you will be free to go to the reception. Also, as well as you plan a wedding, almost every wedding is affected by factors beyond your control. Having a head start on the photography can allow more flexibility in your wedding day schedule, if something unexpected does happen.

There are some who wonder if having a pre-wedding “first look” will somehow lessen the emotional power of the actual wedding ceremony. My answer to this question, is no. Every couple I have seen during their ceremony were emotional and moved by it, regardless of when they had their “first look”. Actually, what most couples tell me, is that they felt more calm and relaxed during the wedding ceremony because they had already seen each other. I believe it is because it allows the bride and groom to feel less anxious, and more present for this momentous occasion. Believe me, when the bride walks down the aisle its still a very powerful moment. The bride still gets her bride moment because know one else has see her until then. All this being said, this is your wedding, and whatever choices you make, I will do everything I can to make the photography the least of your worries.